10 Best Places to Retire? There is Just One Best for You!

Your 10 best places to retire will be those ten places which best meet your own unique circumstances and choices.

As you work through your retirement plan you will carefully consider and define all the priorities and factors which make up your ideal retirement and the your choice of best places to retire.

It's then up to you to find that unique place that fits your vision .... your own best place.

Your final decision will then be based on balancing what's really important for you at that point in time. Priorities which may include:

  • Near the sea (where I live now), or in the mountains (my choice);
  • Near your family, or way off in some more remote exotic location;
  • In a place with hot, sunny weather, or one with a milder climate;
  • Vibrant city life, or the peace and tranquility of a small town or the countryside.

Your mixture of these factors, together with many others, will go into defining your best place to retire.

There are many surveys done selecting the 10 best places to retire.

While these results are interesting, they will not be of much use to you unless they are based on a rating system which is the same as yours.

The other problem that I have seen with these best places to retire surveys is that in most recommended countries there are some really great areas but also some pretty horrible ones. So your choice is not only the country, but where in the country.

Also there are often downsides regarding property rights, or rights of residents, or taxation. A further problem is that many of these countries have unstable ruling regimes that can implode ... and "the best" location can become the worst!

However it is interesting to look at these recommended places through your own eyes and see whether they open up new options for you.

One publication which I can recommend is International Living. It does some really interesting country surveys. Their objective, in depth on the ground articles, often alter one's narrow preconceived perceptions, and are certainly well worth reading

With air travel extended to all the corners of the world, the world has become smaller and smaller and more and more places have become accessible. Opening up many interesting retirement options in countries in Central and South America, Asia, Europe and even Africa.

I am now personally looking for my own 10 best places to retire. Over the next few years I plan to spend at least three months living in each of my final choice countries.

So my final retirement destination will be based on my own first-hand knowledge and understanding of the country. Or maybe the search will be such fun that I'll never stop looking?

Where is your Best Place to Retire?

Is there a place that you are really passionate about? If so, we'd sure appreciate you sharing it with us.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Gibsons, BC 
Ever since I came here as a young child in 1956, Gibsons has been a good place to retire. In those days, it was pretty remote. My parents didn't even know …

Crawfordsville, IN 
A great small town; the Montomgery county seat and home to Wabash College, a liberal arts college established in 1832. Lots of interesting folks, close …

Gers, Gascony, SW France 
Gascony in SW France is a wonderful, relatively undiscovered part of France. It boarders Spain and the Pyranees Mountains. Home of Armagnac and Fois Gras. …

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