About Me

Are you apprehensive, frustrated, looking for a little more out of your life? Wanting to live the "retirement" dream? Wanting to travel and see the world? 

But feeling these thoughts may just be dreams? 

Are you dealing with one or more of these life challenges?

  • Facing financial uncertainty?
  • The prospect of retrenchment or being forced into retirement?
  • Dealing with health issues?
  • The emotional pain and stress of divorce? 
  • Supporting older children?
  • The emotional and financial strain of supporting elderly parents?
  • Rattling around in an expensive under-utilised house?

You are not alone.

While you think that your next door neighbour is flush and happy… it may not be true! The illusion of living a trouble free life is often an uncomfortable or even painful real life façade. 

So if our lives are in a bit of a hole how do we get out? Simply by finding someone to give us a helping hand and then moving forward. 

It helps to be with optimistic and motivating people. Who don’t drag us down but people who lift us up. Inspiring people who provide support even when we don't ask them. Expecting nothing in return. 

Challenging, guiding, leading, assisting and enabling you. Helping you discover the many opportunities and ways that you can change, enhance or enrich your life.

Encouraging you to push your limits. Helping you recognise your preconceptions. Finding your why? Recognising and working through your biases.  

Helping you to come to terms with yourself. To get the most out of your health and wealth. To develop clear and meaningful desires and plans. And make them happen.

At times it may be controversial and challenge your beliefs and traditions.

We have, or will find, experts who can guide support and mentor you. Whether you want to get into shape, move overseas, start a new career, look your best or feel your best. To help you make this the best time of your life.

I'll be there.

The world will never be like it was. We will never be like we were. So we need to find the spark to challenge ourselves to find our own path.

There’s a whole new retirement world just waiting for you. Today there are many retirement options for restless retirees. Whatever your age. Whatever your circumstances. You can find your freedom and experience the world.

Life is not about having a retirement, but by doing a retirement.

Let us help you unearth the many benefits of taking a chance. Fulfilling your lost lust for life. Your inquisitiveness. Your open mindedness. Your interest in the world. Your desire to have more than a “traditional retirement.”

Satisfying your sense of adventure. Being healthy and fit. Wanting to live a purposeful life.

Taking a chance is risky… but as the old adage goes… no pain no gain. 

Minimise pain through joining a community doing what you’re planning.  

There’ll be times you’ll ask “Why am I doing this”. But there will be many more times you’ll ask “Why didn’t I do this before” or “Wow! The world has so much to offer”.

Forget about the many negative articles you’ll come across or friends and family will gladly expose you to. Listen, read and evaluate and make your own decisions.

Your successful retirement will be a unique personal experience. It's all about balancing your expectations and aspirations with your resources. 
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New Year in Hong Kong

About Me

So who am I. Now past 70. Living a very active, interesting and challenging life. Like most people I've been through some difficult and painful periods which included a divorce and two major accidents. 

In the motor vehicle accident I was trapped in my car for over 5 hours … while emergency rescue people tried to figure out a way to get a tanker truck off my car ... without crushing me to death. The other a messy cycling race accident. Its legacy ... a steel pin in my hip and metalwork in my pelvis. 

Through being fit and strong willed and the skill of some excellent medical mechanics I’m still in reasonable physical shape. Moving on after clearing these two unexpected life hurdles.

I've had a corporate career. I've started small businesses that succeeded and others that failed. I've enjoyed some business opportunities that led to some financial success. I’ve had good and bad investments. 

Times of success and times of failure with long periods of ordinary in between!

In early 2017 I completed a 4-year contract working in the Philippines. Since then we've been travelling around the world.  These travels are documented country by country and event by event in my website Roving Retirement.

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