Active Adult Retirement Living – the Ultimate Retirement Lifestyle

With sunny days ahead there are few better things to look forward to than an active adult retirement living lifestyle?

This is the lifestyle that among all the many other available retirement lifestyles which provides independent living with the greatest versatility and freedom.

What is Active Adult Retirement Living?

 Independent living arrangements for seniors go by many names; retirement communities, retirement homes, senior apartments or housing, independent living communities, or retirement villages.

Most of these places offer much of the same facilities. With as the name  independent senior living implies: one's own residence and lifestyle in a community environment. An estate designed exclusively for people generally aged 55 and over.

Active adult retirement living usually applies to living in a compact, easy-to-maintain, private apartment or house within a community specifically designed for a convenient, hassle free lifestyle with some shared services.

Characteristics of a Senior Retirement Community:

The people

  • Residents are generally in both good physical and emotional health.
  • Residents have complete personal freedom.

Community Activities and Services

  • Community activities include recreational, educational and social events, local transportation and cultural outings.
  • Community services include libraries, communal meals, housekeeping, beauty shops, hairdressing and gardening.

Recreation and exercise

  • Exercise facilities such as gyms, pools, saunas and exercise machines.
  • Sports and recreation facilities like activity rooms, clubhouses, golf courses, tennis and shuffleboard courts.

Do Not provide

  • No daily living, dressing or personal care, support.
  • No health services like dispensing medication or nursing care.

Is this Lifestyle for You?

Here is a short checklist for you to see whether you are a candidate for independent active adult retirement;

  • are you looking for the security of a seniors-only community;
  • are you healthy and able to care for yourself;
  • are you fed up with the hassles of maintaining a house;
  • can you communicate with doctors and caregivers yourself;
  • are you looking for a lock up and go living arrangement;
  • do you have the money to pay for the kind of home you're looking for.

If so, one of these communities could be ideal for you. Although they are not for everyone. Some people attach a stigma to these perceived "old age” communities.

As a result of the misconceived perception a common comment is "I'm too young to go there”.

Baby Boomer Retirement

Baby Boomer retirement has been recognized as a very fast growing and potentially huge business opportunity.

Countries and states throughout the world are looking for ways to attract retirees. Bill Haas of the University of North Carolina's Institute for the Future of Retirement estimates that there is significant added economic impact of a retiree household moving into an area.

Many retirement communities have been planned to attract these baby boomers. Providing all the facilities specifically catering to their varied needs and wants.

Some developments are designed to target specific niche segments. In addition to the more traditional clubhouse and sporting facilities like golf, tennis and swimming these more exclusive villages offer options such as;

  • a wide variety of accommodation choices with country living including horse riding, hiking, mountain biking and trout fishing;
  • extensive recreational amenities like arts and crafts, boating, trails and retail facilities;
  • on-site medical facilities.

With the large baby boomer cohort now well into retirement there are many of these retirement communities being developed. catering for all sectors of the market.

From waterfronts to mountains and from city to country living there's something for everyone.

Active Adult Communities

 Active adult communities are often located in warm climates, and are common in in the US in states like Arizona, California, Florida and Texas but are increasingly being built in and around major cities throughout the country.

Twenty four hour security gated communities for active adult retirement living are being built in South and Central America in countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and Argentina. In Asia you will find them in the Philippines and Thailand. And then there are  these communities in countries like New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom and South Africa. 

Even in India, with their close knit family structures, there are communities for retirees.

 All with their eye on a slice of this lucrative pie!

A number of publishers create lists of the "best retirement communities” or the "best places to retire".  As interesting as these are the one disadvantage of these lists is that the highly rated communities often become more expensive as a result of their selection.

So if you are looking to move to an active adult retirement living facility you certainly have plenty of choice. With their wide range of facilities and prices and offering of  community support and company it should ensure you'll find one to enjoy a stimulating and enjoyable retirement.

Retirement Lifestyle: You're never too old to outlive enthusiasm and enjoyment

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