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Successful-Retirement is targeted at the growing community of retirees, boomers and younger people who have a concern and interest about retirement planning. Not just the financial issues but all aspects of making retirement a more meaningful and enjoyable time.

The site has:

  • More than 10 000 page views a month.
  • Google Page Rank 2.
  • High ranks on a number of keywords.

We run third party advertisements through Google and other advertisers and also have several affiliate advertisers.

Some sponsors pay a monthly fee for the advertising. For others, if you click on their ad or text link and buy something, we earn a small commission.

Banners & Rates

Note that prices may change over time depending on the volume of visitors. Payment will be received on a monthly, or yearly contract through Paypal. Banners must be original, static, and well compressed.

Text Link Ads

Successful-Retirement also offers text link advertising. The links are permanent. However, of course there are some guidelines to this sort of advertising:

  1. The link that will be included must be relevant to the page.
  2. The site must not contain malware/spyware
  3. The site must not contain any sort of gateway

Remember, site advertising is just another form of advertising and nothing more. Site advertising is not for any search engine gain. We strictly follow the Google Webmaster rules regarding paid links which means, the links will be nofollow.

Please note that the current minimum advertising rate is $100 per annum. If you would be interested in advertising, send us an email and we will kindly negotiate a price with you.

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