Games for Senior Citizens – many more options with the Internet

Games for senior citizens can be as much fun as games for children. With the added advantages of being healthy for both mind and body … keeping the brain cells active and exercised!

Games for seniors provide an inexpensive and convenient past time and promote social interaction.

The kind of games will vary based on the mental and physical state of the person. But they should be balanced between being challenging enough not to be boring, but not too hard to take away the enjoyment or be too confusing.

A whole new world of games has emerged with the internet.

 Traditional Games Online

Most, if not all, of the traditional card and board games can now be played online. These include poker, bridge, monopoly, backgammon, scrabble, monopoly and many many more.

For the more adventurous and co-ordinated there are also video sports games … and our grandchildren's action adventure games. They are all great fun!

What other Internet Games for Senior Citizens?

The Nintendo Wii game system

is a fantastic internet games option for senior citizens. Senior groups and nursing homes often use the various Wii game options so that seniors can have fun even when their bodies can't handle any intense physical activity.

Wii brings games like tennis, golf and bowling back into the lives of the physically challenged in a realistic way. As these games appeal to all age groups, grand parent versus grand children challenges are also a fun option.

Card Games

Many senior citizens will have played and enjoyed card games their entire lives.

However these card games are now all available on the internet. From the many varieties of pinochle, to the mind and memory challenging of a game of bridge, and the fun of the ever popular rummy.

And from cribbage to solitaire, the life long favorite with so many variations.

There's something for everyone.

Although joining and taking part in online computer card games may initially be quite intimidating, and a bit overwhelming, the internet offers a wide range of opportunities for players of all skill levels and knowledge.

Many of these internet games, for example bridge and poker, can like the "live version", be played on your own or with a group.

Board Games

Board games are another great way to enjoy time with fellow seniors. These games should be designed for people with fading eye sight and who may not be physically dexterous.

Popular board games include backgammon which is one of the oldest board games in the world. 

Scrabble is a word game played at all levels with two or more players.

Monopoly, the classic real estate game, now even covers property in the 6 continents.


is an old favorite that has always been widely popular with seniors and in casinos. It's both socially interactive and exciting.

There are a number of additional games for senior citizens that can be played either in groups or alone.

Other games and pastimes

Crossword puzzles

are normally played alone, but it's great to get a group together and play interactively … or online.

Jigsaw puzzles

are also good to have around for seniors. They can be set out on a table, or at a senior center, and people can work on them any time they have a spare moment.

Advantages of Games

Games for senior citizens may be arranged so that they're something to look forward to. Making them an occasion by scheduling them weekly or monthly. Making a welcome change from spending time alone. This can be especially important when a spouse passes away or when community involvement is cut back due to mobility issues.

Games can be promoted through church groups, senior centers, or just among friends. Arrange transportation, invite as many people as you can. And, make it known that the invitation to the games for senior citizens is also open for spectators who just want to get out and have some company.

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