July 29


Gers, Gascony, SW France

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by Richard W (Denver, CO)

Gascony in SW France is a wonderful, relatively undiscovered part of France. It boarders Spain and the Pyranees Mountains. Home of Armagnac and Fois Gras. its pastoral and relaxed yet close to Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Plus France offers the best health care system in the world and of course some of the best cuisine as well. Viva La France!

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  1. Gers, Gascony, SW France

    Gascony is famed for its douceur de vivre (“sweetness of life”), its food, its medieval towns and villages locally called bastides nested amidst green rolling hills, its sunny weather, the beauty of its landscape, with the occasional distant cheap dissertation views of the Pyrenees mountain range, all contribute to the popularity of Gascony as a tourist destination.


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