Gibsons, BC

by Audrey
(Gibsons BC)

Gibsons Harbour

Gibsons Harbour

Gibsons Harbour
Mom loves the winter view from my deck

Ever since I came here as a young child in 1956, Gibsons has been a good place to retire. In those days, it was pretty remote. My parents didn't even know where it was when my dad was posted here.

Then came The Beachcombers, a highly popular TV show, that let the world know just how gorgeous Gibsons really is. Things have never been the same. At first the cast and crew looked for rental accommodation. Then they decided this was heaven and they bought property. That started a real estate feeding frenzy.

Even so, this is still a relatively quiet spot. We are separated from the lower mainland of British Columbia by very impassable rocky terrain so we have to take a ferry or fly in and out. Most of us take the ferry.

I recently met someone who lives here and hates it. I asked him why, and he told me that he couldn't buy a Coke at midnight. Two days later I noticed that both Wendy's and McDonald's, both of which sell Coke, are now open 24 hours, so I guess he must have some other complaint. I have to go to Vancouver for women's shoes, but I can get pretty much everything else I need here.

It's cheaper to live here than it is in Vancouver, and a little more expensive than some other places in BC.

But for pure beauty it can't be beat. The arts community is vibrant. There really is a lot to do.

And if you want a Coke at midnight, you can have that, too.

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Jun 27, 2011
I wanna come
by: Anonymous

Sounds lovely! I'd like to have a look at this place. I'm looking it up now.

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