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Retire Cheap With a Life of Abundance

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 Although you may retire cheap your life doesn't have to be wanting. The secret is in how well you accept the best plan you can make for your retirement.

Work out what you can afford and what you can't - accept it and retire contented.

"I have learned to seek my happiness by limiting my desires, rather than in attempting to satisfy them" ~ John Stuart Mill.

Living cheap in retirement will mean different things to different people. Living without waste makes whatever life you live … thrifty. Many of us cling to baggage and accumulated stuff for far too long.

Clear out the baggage

Retire cheap means living without any physical or mental baggage! this  retirement lifestyle can be achieved in many ways:

  • Downsizing your accommodation
  • Moving to a cheaper place within the country
  • Finding a cheap place to retire in another country
  • Cutting unnecessary expenses
  • Sharing and bartering
  • Making do with what one has

With each one of these there are many, many options.

Living cheaply with style

In Ernest Callenbach's book he has many interesting ideas and suggestions about "Living Cheaply with Style". He introduces the interesting concept of the green triangle.

The three points of the triangle being: environment, health and money.

The principle that relates these three points is: any time you do something beneficial for one of them, you will almost inevitably do something beneficial for the other two.

"A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes" ~ Hugh Downs

Health lifestyle and enjoyment

Cheap retirement living can actually mean being more healthy, having a better quality of life and even more fun! Retire cheap can be made into a game where you keep challenging yourself, and friends and family, to find ways that benefit your environment and health … and save money.

In retirement you have one of the greatest commodities available to mankind … free time. With time at your disposal you should be able to turn your frugal retirement living into a stimulating and challenging life. There is masses of information that you can use to stimulate ideas but your cheap retirement living will be your own version.

Something that makes you contented ... something that defines your own success.

Never forget, that if you retire cheap you can still experience a "billionaire moment" every day.Just look around you and appreciate one of the myriad of miracles given to us by nature ... a sunrise or sunset, the full moon rising, a beautiful flower, a bird in flight ... you can appreciate all these as much as the richest person in the world.

Or share a smile or lend a helping hand. You will retire with a life full of rich memories and kind deeds.

Have any Great Ideas about Cheap Retirement?

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