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Retire in Spain – for a vibrant and enthralling retirement

Retire in Spain

 Retire in Spain, a country famous for its flamenco dancers, bullfights, beaches and sunshine.

With the architecture reflecting the history of the country and its diversity, from palaces and mosques built by the Moors, Roman monuments, renaissance cathedrals, to modern cities.

Great artists from Dali to Picasso. Festivals like the famous "Running of the Bulls" in Pamplona".

Romantic, Enticing and Popular 

Altogether a very romantic and enticing package?

More and more people are leaving their home countries to retire abroad and to retire in Spain is a popular choice. While everyone will have their own reasons when you consider what Spain has to offer;

  • great weather,
  • proximity to the rest of Europe,
  • first world infrastructure,
  • relaxed lifestyle,
  • the unique Mediterranean style cuisine,
  • good value for money,

it is quite easy to see why so many people make this their number one choice.

Spain is a country passionate about sport. From their national sport of football (soccer), to cycling, golf, skiing and tennis to handball and motor racing. Spain offers facilities for everyone. One warning though … some of these can be quite expensive.

Where in Spain?

Spain is a very friendly country and wherever you go the people will make you feel welcome.

The country is renown for its great food and extended lunches and afternoon siestas … during which time even the shops are closed. Their porcelain and leather goods are famous.

Spain is a first world country with all the infrastructure and luxuries one would expect. The healthcare system is very good but as with any overseas living an international health policy should be considered.

Retire in Spain with a wide variety of lifestyle options and places to live

Expats and Retirees

From the rustic countryside to the glitz and glamour (and cost) of Ibiza and Marbella. In certain areas there are large communities of expats and retirees, and both English and French are quite widely spoken. Spain's strong church influence has moderated in recent times but that hasn’t changed the values, traditions, manners and customs of the locals. Even in these modern times Spain has retained a great deal of its unique character.

Cost of Living

The cost of living may be a factor when considering whether, and where, to retire in Spain. If moving from a colder country fuel bills will be cheaper as will the monthly utility bill. Food and drink is reasonably cheap especially in the out of town areas where many fruits and vegetables are grown locally. Fresh, healthy and cheap … a three way win.

Property Prices

Although in the past property prices increased significantly, they have in the last few years retreated to far more realistic levels. Today in some areas there are some real bargains. The outdoor lifestyle means that you can probably live comfortably in a smaller home.

The country is diverse and breathtaking and once you leave the built up areas then you can experience the variety of landscapes that Spain has to offer. From its extensive Mediterranean and Atlantic beaches, through deserts and lush meadows, to the wild and majestic Pyrenees.

In Spain you'll be able to find your own little piece of paradise and live very well; a relaxed way of life which just melts away stress.

The Language

If you decide to retire in Spain you should seriously consider learning Spanish. Being able to converse with the locals will both, open up more areas of the country to live and enrich your day to day contact with the people.

Local Laws and Procedures

As with any moving to a new country and buying property, you need to ensure that you fully understand all the local laws and procedures. Property laws often present some particular national or regional complexities. Do not take any short cuts and get good, qualified advice.

Too much sunshine (and red wine!) can make everything seem so wonderful that it's easy to lose your sense of reason and get swept along in the moment.


Living in Spain will allow you to take full advantage of the all year round good weather… a very pleasant spring, fall and early summer and hot summers. Aches and pains will seem to vanish and you will feel that you have a new lease on life. Living in a sunny, warm climate can certainly make you feel much healthier and happier.

Although one can easily get carried away with all the advantages and attractions to retire in Spain you need to carefully consider any major move. Research well before taking the final step. Most importantly will your pension be able to cover all of the costs that you will incur and do you have adequate reserves?

Finally the only really reliable way to find out if it's the place for you is to go there and experience it yourself.

Where is your Best Place to Retire?

Is there a place that you are really passionate about? If so, we'd sure appreciate you sharing it with us.

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