Retire Overseas – 9 Great Reasons to Go in 3 Easy Steps

Retire overseas and escape from your dull, monotonous, mundane and ordinary lifestyle. Escape to a world full of exciting opportunities and experiences.

At times it will be a bit daunting. At times you will wonder why you've done it and yet at other times wonder why you didn't do it years ago.

It's a life changing challenge but with all the support available from organisations and people who've already "done it"... it's actually pretty simple and easy.

The 9 Great Reasons

 1.  Save Money

When moving to a cheaper country … either less First World or so-called "developing" you will live a better lifestyle for a fraction of the cost at home.

2.  Less Stress Lifestyle

A relaxed "laid back lifestyle". No more long commutes or endless traffic jams. Move overseas to a simpler, happier, healthier, stress free life.

3. Great Weather

Near perfect weather. There are many places where you never again have to heat your house, shovel snow, or scrape ice from your windows. Where every day it is comfortable and cool to go for walks, play golf or read in the shade of a tree.

4. Find a Positive Place

Get away from the growing unemployment and negativity, and where life has become a day to day drag. Consider escaping the 8-to-5 drudgery of a day job and work for yourself.

There are many opportunities to completely overhaul and reinvent yourself, or not work at all if that's what you choose.

5. Need for Skilled People

Many overseas countries are looking for skilled people to develop their economies. As a result they make it very attractive to immigrate and to start your own business.

They understand the attraction of a country where you pay less taxes and keep more of what you earn.

6. Share Expertise

Retire overseas to a developing country which is about to, or has started to, take off

The opportunities to share your expertise and make money are endless. By getting in on the ground floor you will be in a position to profit.

7. Live your Dream

Live your passion or dream. If you move to an exciting exotic location you may actually see a lot more of your family … and have great quality time with them.

Write the book you always thought about writing … whether as an aspiring J K Rowling or just because you always wanted to.

Spend your leisure days hiking, playing golf, fishing, or snorkelling.

8. Optimise your Taxes

Get your money's worth out of your taxes. The finances of many First World countries are a mess.

They have wasted vast sums of money building empires and shoveling funds into basket case economies. All paid for by unfortunate tax payers. If you feel this way this is an excellent opportunity to rearrange your financial affairs to your benefit.

9. Spirit of Adventure

Last but not least - one of the best reasons to retire overseas to is kindle your spirit of adventure. To follow the footsteps of our forebears who went out to discover and explore a new world.

It may be a chance to learn a new language, make new friends and to expose ourselves to, and experience, something completely different.

The Retiring Overseas Plan

Don't do it "cold turkey" but progressively build bridges by taking it step by step.

Try the 3-6-6 way. Start with a short 3 week visit, then if you like it, a longer 6 week stay and then the final live-in of 6 months.

What do you have to lose? Take the first step by easing out of your rut. Ignore any naysayers and create your own experience by just living the experience.

"Action is the foundational key to all success" - Pablo Picasso

Retirement Lifestyle: You're never too old to outlive enthusiasm and enjoyment

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