Retirement Planner – be a Winner and Start Yours Today

 Be your own retirement planner. Start today and confront head on the growing challenges of retirement

By setting out your goals you'll increase your chance of having a successful and rewarding retirement.

Many people have financial concerns of not having enough money to retire. We are also faced with the value of share and pension investments fluctuating wildly and property values soaring and stuttering.

Rich today ... poor tomorrow.

A complete retirement planner should include all aspects of your life

In addition to the financial issues, your retirement planner should include all the other aspects of your life including;

  • Health matters
  • Personal safety
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Your planned lifestyle and where to live
  • Living retirement with a purpose
  • Concerns about aging
  • Creating and maintaining a balanced life
  • Recreation and hobbies
  • Spiritual
  • Community involvement

An excellent blueprint for your successful retirement planner would be to follow the very sage advice of Steven Covey in his book; "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People".

The first three habits are:

Habit 1 : Be Proactive.

If you prepare a retirement plan … you will be.

It'll be your blueprint for the future. With diligent application you can make it a reality.

Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind.

Take some time to work through your vision of retirement and your retirement planner strategy.

Once you have the end clearly defined then you can start to create your plan. Think about using the backward planning method. This is a highly effective technique developed and used by many businesses as well as the military.

The first step in any military campaign is to define the final objective (here quite simply "win the war"). Then they work backwards step by step defining what will be required to achieve this objective.

Answering the questions of; how will I do it? what resources (money, people, assistance) do I need? and when will I need them?

Initially this may seem illogical and a bit difficult to do. But with practice it will become easier ... and if you persist you'll find it works very well.

Habit 3: Put First Things First.

Always keeping the end, or your goals, in mind you can now start making your plan happen working through it forwards step by step.

It is critical that your retirement planner is a living document. Being reviewed at regular intervals or when there is a major change in conditions or factors of the plan.

To meet your goals you need to focus on them and think about them every day. This focus will ensure that you keep moving forward step by step towards your ultimate life.

So if you are looking forward to a secure, comfortable and successful retirement it is important that you have a well managed, up to date retirement plan!

In doing your retirement planner it is very important to be aware of how fast the world around us is changing. A daunting thought ... for the first time in our human history there will be two generations retired at the same time.

Double the reason to start planning now!

Success is a journey not a destination

The structure of our society is under going a complete transformation.

The ratio of the number of older (aged over 65) people in relation to younger (aged 15 to 64) people is rapidly increasing. In 1950 there were 12 younger people to each older person (12:1). By 2000 this had reduced to 9 (9:1) and by mid-century, it is projected to fall to 4 younger people for each older person (4:1). However in some developed countries by 2050 this ratio is projected to drop as low as 1:1 .... there will only be one younger person for each older person. Based on this trend, in countries such as the US and many in Western Europe, it is unlikely that they will be able to afford to pay the benefits that they have promised to retired people.

Retirement Planning Coach
You may find the services of a Retirement Coach helpful in your retirement planning.

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Retirement today is a scary prospect for many folks. Financial, Health and Future challenges! How prepared are you?