Retiring in Thailand - First World Food, Service and Hospitality

Retiring in Thailand is a popular choice with many people looking to retire in an exotic, cheap location abroad. Thailand is a fascinating kingdom, filled with spectacular natural, cultural, and historical attractions.

Over the next few years places like Thailand are going to attract increasing attention as retirees realise too late that they have to find a cost effective, but attractive, retirement solution.

However in some of these cases not having a retirement plan could turn out to be an advantage!

Why Thailand?

There are many more compelling reasons for retiring in Thailand than just finding a cheap and attractive location.

The Kingdom of Thailand, (previously Siam) is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been colonized by European powers. It is a constitutional monarchy which has existed since the mid-14th century.

Thailand has a thriving vibrant economy which is the 2nd largest in Southeast Asia. Thailand’s exports consist primarily of agricultural products including fish and rice, of which it is the largest exporter in the world, as well as textiles, rubber, automobiles, and computers.

The Thai people are very friendly and helpful and renown for their service and “land of smiles” hospitality.

English is spoken and understood throughout much of Thailand.

If entertainment and relaxation are key elements of your retirement Thailand offers these in abundance. The famous, energising and rigorous Thai massage has a number of benefits like reducing stress, increasing flexibility and increasing energy ... with the added advantage of being very cheap. They are also world renown for their delectable Thai food … curries, fried fish and noodle dishes served in pavement restaurants.

In a recent survey in International Living, Thailand was rated as one of thetop ten medical travel destinations in the world. Being considered a leader in cosmetic surgery and having an excellent medical infrastructure.

Where in Thailand?

One of the extremely persuasive reasons why a person would want to consider retiring in Thailand is the natural beauty that the country has on offer. The name conjures up thoughts of alluring and intriguing locations such as Phuket in the south, the centrally located Bangkok and Chiang Mai in the north.

The country is believed to hold in its bosom some of the most beautiful beaches in the world while at the same time having isolated and extremely scenic mountain retreats, waterfalls and hot springs, national parks and marine reserves and islands.

Thailand has, over the years, grown in popularity as a tourist destination, whether it is with respect to a few days holiday or one's remaining lifetime. In fact, the country is regarded as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. Hence, you would not find yourself alone in a strange country and might even end up meeting someone from your own home town.

Thailand has some of the finest hotels in the world, whether five star luxury spa retreats or quaint family-run beach front bungalows. There is a hotel in Thailand for every type of traveller on every budget. 


As with all Third world nations, retiring in Thailand has some risks and you may not get the kind of service that you are used to at a First World home. However, if you are prepared to adapt to the cultural differences you can be rest assured that you will have access to everything you need, including excellent medical attention, adequate transportation systems and essential utilities.

While religion in Thailand is centered around Buddhism, the people have a compassionate and tolerant acceptance of any religion.

The weather in Thailand is reasonably pleasant, hot and humid all year round and marked by three seasons, the rainy season, hot season, and cool season, The higher altitudes provide a wider range of cooler temperate weather.

Retiring in Thailand is not a gamble. 

Apart from a small retirement stash, the only other things that you need is an open and tolerant attitude and a spirit that cherishes challenges.

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