Retiring to Canada – a cosmopolitan lifestyle and welcoming people

Retiring to Canada ... in the style, and with the freedom, you've always wanted.

Despite not being the cheapest, or easiest, relocation Canada has much to offer retirees. It has a diverse and cosmopolitan character with its unique culture influenced by British, French, and aboriginal customs and traditions. This cosmopolitan diversity being compounded through immigration … Canada having the largest per capita immigration in the world.

Warm Welcome 

It is a country that welcomes new arrivals who find it easy to fit into the Canadian society that has both English and French as official languages.

Due to the good balance between the cost and the quality of living Canada regularly features highly in the United Nations Development Programme - Human Development Report.

The world's 2nd largest country by area Canada has more lakes than any other country, containing much of the world's fresh water. From Niagara Falls in the south to the Northern Lights in the north there will never be a shortage of places to visit and things to do.

The landscape is mostly plains with mountains in the west and lowlands in southeast, with over 50% covered by forests. The sprawling prairies and ample supply of water has made Canada into one of the world's leading agricultural producers and exporters.

A significant percentage of the population is concentrated within 150 kilometers of the nation's southern border with the United States. This leaves the vast majority of Canada's territory as sparsely populated wilderness. Canada's population density of only 3.5 people/km² is amongst the lowest in the world.

Canada has proven to be both politically and economically stable and a very safe country to live in. Not only do they welcome all newcomers, they give them a strong sense of security and stability. The low crime rate allows people to live their lives free from fear of crime.

Providing they are not looking for year round mild, temperate weather retiring to Canada will meet the expectations of the most discerning retirees

Retiring in Canada

If you have children or grand children who are Canadian citizens, or permanent residents, they can sponsor your immigration to become a permanent resident. They however take responsibility and must ensure that you don't become a burden to the state.

Although Canada has a strong social security system this is not available to immigrant retirees who should be self supporting.

Retiring to Canada with its excellent publicly funded health care system, which is mostly free at the point of use is a strong plus for retirees. Combining this free health care with a private medical insurance, will ensure that you can have everything covered with minimal out of pocket expense.

Weather and Recreation

Canada stretches for four time zones from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, sharing the southern latitude of Rome and reaching all the way up to the Arctic sea.

Across such a vast land mass temperature and climate varies dramatically. In May alone, you can ski the Olympic-caliber mountain terrain of the west coast or attend the world's largest tulip festival in central Canada. Although the winters are long and cold with temperatures below freezing the summer months can be hot and humid with temperatures well above 30 degrees Celsius.

The countryside is breathtaking with vast open spaces and diverse captivating flora and fauna. A city like Vancouver epitomises this diversity. Set where the mountain meets the sea it allows you to enjoy such activities as sailing, swimming, skiing and golf all in one day.

No matter when you visit, Canada's seasons offer dramatic displays of color and vibrant life.


If you are passionate about winter sports and outdoor activities there cannot be many better places than retiring to Canada with skiing, Arctic safari's, snowmobiling, or gliding along the world's largest skating rink. All of which gives way in summer to mountain biking, hiking, kayaking or canoeing. Canada's official national sports are hockey in the winter and lacrosse in the summer.

Many people have a dream about retiring abroad but it ends up just staying a dream. Canada is a country in which you'll retire with no sacrifices and is fully justified as being rated as one of the best retirement destinations.

If you are in a comfortable financial position, or have family who are willing to sponsor you and you tend towards being a "cold weather person" retiring to Canada is definitely a choice worth considering.

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