Senior Citizen Health Care – be Healthy and Save Money

Senior citizen health care is an extremely important part of your overall retirement planning.

Especially when you consider that a number of studies have concluded that retirement is bad for your health!

Researchers at the University of Maryland and California State University at San Bernardino say the health benefits of working in retirement are likely to be due to the physical and mental activities people engage in at work as well as social contact. This can be lost when people drop out of the workforce.

"Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did" ~ Malcolm Forbes

Over time our health issues will certainly get more and more attention. As we age things just don't seem to work as well as they used to and they get more and more expensive to overhaul and repair!

The inevitable ... aging

Although when we look in the mirror we don't seem to look that old (men anyway!) and most times we don't feel that old.

However to many of us (mainly women?) the Dolly Parton philosophy of, 'if I see something sagging, bagging and dragging, I'm going to nip it, tuck it, and suck it', may sound like a good option.

More seriously, we don't heal that quickly, or that well, and some of our previously strong, reliable systems will start failing. Men are faced with prostate problems and women with menopause. Hair starts falling out, or growing where it never grew before. Our skin goes from smooth and firm to being wrinkly and blotchy.

Which makes me think, shouldn't we have a sell by date?

Lake Eland

​Personal and health care

As people live longer there will be more and more need for long term nursing care. This is very expensive, is not covered by medical aid, and will be out of the financial reach of many people. Therefore it is very important that we keep healthy for as long as possible.

Senior citizen health care will not only be a personal concern but has already started to take on political and social importance.

Take a look at this from The New York Times:

"This year, the system will pay out more benefits than it receives ... accumulated revenue will slowly start to shrink, as outlays start to exceed revenue ... [and] by law, Social Security cannot pay out more than its balance in any given year."

Unfortunately we all know how government's sort out this type of problem … they just change the law!

Senior citizen health care will have an impact on our quality of life and our finances.

Wear and tear and health maintainance

Many of the baby boom generation have continued to be active throughout their lives. Although these activities may have resulted in some overuse injury they should have prevented lifestyle diseases like obesity and heart problems.

To reduce long term senior citizen health care costs there will an increased focus on preventing disease. We will be offered incentives to continue being physically active.

For the many healthy, active people life will continue along much the same as before. But for others it may be time to look at a new health regime and try and repair past abuse and damage.

“No time” won't be a very credible excuse.

With regard to senior citizen health care, interesting discussions are already starting regarding an individual's right to die. There are fiercely opposing opinions. On one hand there are the many moral, cultural and religious views. On the other hand the pragmatic issues like the loss of quality of life, loss of dignity and skyrocketing costs and demands made on health care and social services.

One thing you can be sure of, health in retirement will never be far from your mind.

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