Senior Living Properties – Your Personal Questions Checklist

 Discussions about senior living properties, retirement communities or retirement estates are often distorted by preconceived ideas and any discussions complicated by stress and emotion.

In these circumstances it is very difficult to make a rational and objective decision.

The downside is that an ill considered decision to move could, in the future, result in a lot more stress and wasted money.

Consider the questions, and their significance based on your own circumstances and on the community or estate you are considering.

These retirement communities do not suit everyone.

So to improve your chance of making the right decision you should go through each issue with a fine tooth comb.

Senior Living Properties - My Personal Check List

  1. Do I really want to move? Why?
  2. Do my my family, advisor and friends support my decision to move? (It's much easier if they do.)
  3. Do I think that this is the best choice for me? Does this estate living suit the things that I believe are important? Have I spoken to any residents in the estate?
  4. Have I considered all the information about the estate I have chosen? Has my legal representative explained all the relevant conditions in the deed of sale to me?
  5. What choice is there if I become too ill to live alone? Will the estate and my unit suit me if I ever need a wheelchair or walking aid?
  6. Are there services especially intended for the elderly like nursing care and an emergency call system? Will it meet my current and expected future needs?
  7. Have I made a comparison of the facilities and the alternative financial arrangements of other communities?
  8. Can I comfortably afford the estate I have chosen and what will it cost me if I decide to leave?

Making the decision

Working through these questions it will become very clear that this is an important choice in your life.

It should also raise other questions.

The decision to consider senior living properties is often taken at a time of emotional distress. So it's critical that it's not rushed or unduly influenced by well intentioned family or friends and you make a decision that's good for you.

If you've now you've decided that a move might work for you then it's time to consider some of issues you might face in these estates or communities.

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