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Travel Insurance for Seniors – The Essential Over 60s Guide

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Travel insurance for seniors is essential once you hit the big six-o.  With more money to spend you start indulging your travel dreams. What's more, as you approach retirement age, you may be able to take increasing amounts of time off.

Watering down your job responsibilities in order to fulfil your travel dreams.

And once you've finally put your working days behind you, the world is your oyster. But before you jet off on that relaxing beach holiday, whirlwind city break or even a long-awaited world tour, it's essential you think about specific travel insurance for seniors.

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A good insurance policy will protect you while you're abroad. One with plenty of different options open to you. Depending on where you're going, for how long and how adventurous you plan to be during your vacation.

Speciality Travel Insurance for Seniors

The Benefits Of Going With An Over 60's Company

If you're over 60 and looking for travel insurance, your best bet is going with a provider that specialises in this age group. While each traveller is an individual, a professional over 60's provider will provide a number of options.

Going with a good company will mean that you can also tailor your policy to your own individual holiday. Covering the exact activities you have planned on your itinerary.

Single Trip - Basic vs Comprehensive

One option for over 60's travel insurance is using Single Trip Travel Insurance cover. With Staysure, these policies are available with both Basic and Comprehensive options. If you're going on short-haul, inexpensive trips you might feel comfortable with a simple basic policy. If you're heading off on more expensive, adventurous trips you will want the secure safety net offered by a comprehensive policy.

For example, with a Single Trip Basic travel insurance for seniors policy, customers are given £5 million medical emergency and repatriation cover,. In addition £200 personal money cover, £200 baggage cover per person and 24 hour worldwide emergency medical assistance. Furthermore, over 220 pre-existing medical conditions are covered free of charge.

travel insurance for seniors

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Whereas, people who opt for the Comprehensive Single trip insurance for seniors option will get these benefits, as well as enjoying a few upgrades.. With this policy, they are entitled to up to £2,000 of personal belongings and baggage cover, £10 million medical emergency and repatriation cover, £5,000 cancellation cover and online medical screening.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

While single trip policies can be excellent value for money for some people. If you travel more than once a year, you may find that an annual multi trip policy would suit you better. Customers can take as many holidays as they want on this one policy, and be out of the country for up to 183 days per year.

Pay Attention to Medical Insurance

While many over-60 travellers are no doubt as fit as a fiddle, most will find that they have accumulated a few health issues over the years. If so, one of the most important things to ensure when it comes to senior travel insurance is that it comes with comprehensive medical benefits.

Individuals who choose Staysure, for example, will reap the rewards of 220 pre-existing health conditions being covered free of charge.

Declare All Your Pre-existing Conditions

There is no point in taking out a seniors travel insurance policy only to fall ill on holiday and find it does not cover you. The best way to avoid it happening is to ensure you declare all your pre-existing conditions.

A good rule of thumb is to inform the insurance provider of any condition that you have seen a doctor about in the past two years. Also  declare those you are currently taking medication for.

If you fail to notify your insurance provider of these conditions, and then are taken ill due to that illness, or to a related incident while on holiday, you may find the policy is voided. With you are left out of pocket and without all the benefits of cover.

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Atlantic Ocean - Africa

So whatever you do make sure you understand the potential risks you face when travelling. For peace of mind and to cover potentially crippling expenses make sue that you have the relevant insurance in place.

Another option you should consider is Go Compare. The team at GoCompare has put together a guide to Travel insurance and Coronavirus to give you the latest information  about the Coronavirus outbreak and what cover you’ll need for any future trips you have planned.

It’s really important to know what you’re covered for. Each insurer will have different levels of cover and features. You need to compare them to find the one that’s right for you.

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